Very First Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class: Expectations & Preparations


Attending your very first martial arts class can be rather nerve-racking. If you’re planning to sign up for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), one of the fastest-growing martial art in Houston Texas, there’re certain things you can do to lessen your misperceptions, anxiety, and inaptness. According to many experts and commoners, BJJ is the most lifelike, and effective sport that can aid in a realistic combat situation. So, this guide should provide a wide-ranging idea of what you can expect from your first day of BJJ, and the kind of preparations that are necessary to make the first day a success. But don’t push too hard on the first day. Take it easy.

Expectations from BJJ martial arts classes in Houston

Typical components of a BJJ class –

Bowing in

BJJ is not a traditional martial art form, for many, it’s a sport. But still, lining up and bowing mark the start of the class.


Warming up is generally done by running around the mat area. This increases your heart rate. If you are a first-timer, then the instructor will invest additional time in teaching you the core movements.


Stretching is important after a good warm-up for avoiding injuries.

Repping /Drilling

Repping /Drilling a technique is performed for a few minutes before going into the actual lessons.


In the actual lessons, the instructor will typically teach or demonstrate 2 - 3 techniques (like a series of attacks). Then you will need to execute repetitions of the techniques with your partner.

Positional sparring

Depending on the previously taught lessons, you may be doing position-specific sparring.


The next obvious step is full-on sparring. Some academies stick to positional sparring for the first-timers, while the regular students roll.


At the end of a lot of hard rolling and sparring, your heart rate goes up. So, it’s brought back to normal with some cool-down exercises. This is generally complemented by static stretches, etc.

Bowing out

Lining up in a disciplined way and bowing out typically signals the conclusion of a class.

Preparations for BJJ martial arts classes near me

Arrive Early and Introduce Yourself

Arrive early for your first class and familiarize yourself at the front desk. If there’s any miscellaneous task asked to do, complete it and wait for them to lead you. You may need to take private lessons with a particular instructor or you might be training with a full class right – this decision depends on the academy you are training with.

What to wear to your first class

For a Gi class, first, you need to enquire with your academy, if they are providing any Gi uniforms. In some academies, you need to procure the Gi directly from them, while in the case of others you don’t need to.

What not to wear to your first class

There are some specific things that you are not permitted to wear or bring to the mats lime Earrings, nose rings, shoes, baggy clothes, shorts with zippers and belts, hats, groin cups, etc.

It’s better to wear flip-flops or easy-to-remove shoes to BJJ as many academies disallow shoes on the mat.

What to carry to your first class

Your training attire is a must item. But apart from that remember to bring the following -

Toiletries, towel, extra clothes, water bottle, knee supports, ankle support, mouth guard (if required), etc.

Maintenance of Basic Hygiene for your first class

Since BJJ martial arts in Houston Texas is a close contact/body contact sport, maintaining proper hygiene is of the highest significance. Certain things that you need to do before your first BJJ class –

  • Go for a shower

  • Brush your teeth

  • Trim finger and toenails

  • Wear a fresh uniform and belt

  • Try to wear flip-flops when not on the mat area

  • Avoid training when you’re ill

  • Avoid practice if you have any open wounds, operations, skin infections, etc.

  • If you have a fascination for long hair, keep it or tie it up

Ensure that you take a shower after the conclusion of your class. Wash your uniform as soon as possible without unnecessary delay.

Rules You Should be Concerned About as a Beginner

  • No striking

  • You’re not supposed to pull your partner’s hair

  • No putting finger in the eye or inside the mouth of the partner

  • You’re prohibited to hold singular fingers and bend them

  • You’re not permitted to deliberately injure your partner’s knee

  • You’re disallowed to lift and smash your partner on the mat

Getting ready for your first rolls

Rolling can be somewhat confusing at the start. You’ll understand and adjust better after a few rounds. There’re a few gyms that let their learners roll on their first day of BJJ class itself. Generally, a round is 5-7 minutes long. The trainees will start with both practitioners kneeling down. The objective is to get into a prevailing position and try for a submission.


Post extensive preparations, you’re now ready to step into the world of Hors normes. Your first class will unquestionably be enjoyable. But remember, enjoyment and exhilaration only increase as you attend more classes and master more skills and techniques. Keep practicing and you will create the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

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