The Amazing Grapples of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

We all are aware of the BJJ now, but do we know how and what are the procedures that are followed to make it look more exciting? Submissions play an important role while performing BJJ and achieving the victory. So if you are looking for classes of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Texas, then come and join us at Horsnormes for knowing each and every submission flawlessly.

BJJ Submissions:

There are many submissions that are being taught by us in BJJ. Let us know few of them.


One of the most versatile submission is this and it is used suppress the neck f the opponent in a closed guard position. Most of the white belts learn this submission in the initial period. It can be performed from multiple positions such as mount, open guard or even standing. This is type gi and no gi.

Rear Naked Choke

The important grappling submission is the rear naked choke where the practitioner halts down and compresses the neck of the opponent from behind. This practice is done by using the feet and hands. We offer proper training so that you can always get a good control of your opponent from back which is considered to be one of the advantageous positions. Look for the best Houston Jiu-Jitsu, and get in touch with us.

Triangle Choke

This kind of submission is practiced through the practitioner’s legs and the arm of the opponent. Although this triangle is originated from Judo but it is gained more popularity in BJJ. This can be performed flawlessly in both gi and no gi settings.

Bow & Arrow Choke

This choke is also practiced from the back control. It is performed in such a way where the practitioner can easily use the opponents’ lapel and leg to finish the choke. Thus, achieving the control over the opponent’s movement with the legs. This is known as bow and arrow because two bodies are being used to embark a choke.

Ezekiel Choke

Ezekiel choke can be also known as the sleeve choke as the practitioner needs to wrap around his forearm and let the opponent’s arm set loose. The Ezekiel choke can also be performed from various sides like side control, mount and back control. You can always look for BJJ Houston TX and grab our offers immediately.

Cross Collar

As the name says the story, Horsnormes trainers train the people with utmost authenticity. This kind of choke is performed with the intention to have a firm grip to the opponent’s collar by using both the hands crossed each other. This is one of the basic and first chokes that any student will ever learn in their initial days. It is also available in many other positions which includes closed guard, mount and back control.

Although there are more than forty submissions which create a buzz in the world of BJJ, here we have mentioned few essential ones that play a vital role. We at Horsnormes are extremely excited to welcome you all in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Join us and achieve all the benefits.

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