Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Few Essential Tips for Your Very First BJJ Tournament


Congratulations! You have made the bravest of decisions of competing in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. Most avoid individual combat sports against another person who’s more or less about your weight, height, skill level, and strength. But let’s make it clear that BJJ competitions are a mind-blowing and extraordinary experience.

Nevertheless, most competitors are uneasy about the scenarios of competing in BJJ after martial arts training in Houston. But it’s a common feeling that you do not feel 100% prepared or fine about competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near me. Here’s where we come in. Our expert trainers and instructors offer certain tips for your first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. Here’s the following -

1. Train Hard Leading up to the Competition

During a BJJ competition, nothing is in your control. You cannot regulate the skill sets, mental strength, weight, height, or any other aspects of your opponent. Also, you might not be absolutely feeling fine all the time. All you can do is train hard and relentlessly leading up to a tournament. Attend every practice session; go for drilling, grappling, etc. You might lose, but at least you have invested all your energy and effort in the BJJ training session.

2. Don’t Cut Down Your Weight

Cutting-down weight or weight management can be stressful. In fact, it can increase the anxiety of a competitor. Your very first tournament is not about weight reduction but about getting a taste of the BJJ tournament itself. So, do not fuss about your body weight, focus on the competition itself with position energy.

3. Rely on Your Coaches and Skilled Contestants

Be prepared to receive unwarranted advice from your friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc. about grappling and BJJ competition. Just thank them, exchange greetings, and smile but never take those bits of advice seriously.

For learning grappling seriously and preparing for BJJ competitions you should only listen to and follow your instructors’ and experienced competitors’ suggestions and instructions. Preferably, the skilled competitors should be the higher belts at your academy who know your game and the advanced levels of the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu itself.

4.Concentrate on Process and Not Outcome

The experience of winning is always phenomenal. But in your first tournament, the process becomes more important than the triumphant outcome. Tournament presents the unique opportunity to assess yourself, your game, your abilities, and your progress, and learn from errors. Grab this opportunity. Worry about the outcome at a later stage of your game. This is the time to make your academy and friends proud by walking onto the mat.

5. Prepare a Game Plan

You don’t have to know everything just because you’re attending BJJ schools in Houston, TX. You simply don’t need to figure out everything. But, it’s prudent to acknowledge that you’re participating in a tournament and a roadmap or a game plan is necessary for at least putting up a fight, if not achieving victory.

6. Arrange Your Gears

Ensure all your gears are compliant with the rules. Your Gi must be blue, black, or white, and it should fit you appropriately. Carry two of everything so that you’re never missing anything you need.

7. Enjoy the Competition

Enjoy performing the most authentic and rigorous form of BJJ martial arts class in Houston. Your very first tournament does not need to be a victory. Just smile and enjoy. Soon you’ll realize how motivating the whole experience of participation in the competition is. It’ll inspire you to increase your training times.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments are tough and challenging, and that’s why you should participate in them. Your first tournament should be about focusing on process, loyalty, and fun, and not about stiff competition and winning.

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