Get To Know More About Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts

The form of martial arts that emphasises on self-defence and brings the opponent to the ground is better known as Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts. It is a form that focuses on gaining a dominant position by using various techniques like joint locks and chokeholds.






















Brazilian martial arts come in various forms. While joining the classes, you have to be selective whether you want to practice it on the ground or fight with graceful acrobats. There are multiple types Brazilian martial arts for various kinds of people. We, at Horsnormes, are very proud to let you know about the facts. Here are the few variations mentioned below:

1. BJJ or Vale Tudo – BJJ or Yoga Texas has been developed from a typical technique known as Kodokan Judo. Horsnormes, casts Brazilian mixed martial arts that highlights ground fighting. During the fight of open defence, the defender has to take to the ground and submit a choke or joint lock. We at Horsnormes, also states Vale Tudo which also integrates new techniques from various types of martial arts such as Thai boxing and western martial arts.

2. Maculele and Capoeira Brazilian Martial Arts - Capoeira is also a form of martial arts technique which is endured from Africa and as a result it is also known as Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts. This kind of martial arts combines dance, music and martial arts. This too has different forms like: capoeira. Maculele is also a form that includes music and dance. But it is quite different from capoeira. We, at Horsnormes have experienced professionals who take safety measures before preparing you with these forms.

3. Huka Huka Brazilian Martial Arts – Huka Huka is a folk wrestling technique which is extremely popular and is performed during ritual ceremonies of Kuarup. The people performing this begin their fight when they are on their knees.Both men and women can participate in this Huka Huka Brazilian Martial Arts.

We have a team of dedicated experts who work day-in and day-out together to make people learn the best forms of martial arts. Join us and make yourself capable of self-defence. The mission of Horsnormes is to motivate our people to strive for perfection and self-defence.

We share each and every possible information and about the various forms of martial arts. Our vision is to support and encourage the people through the modern and traditional training techniques.